I am in journey to heaven in the chariot of time
To see my native place i am hurrying.
There is only some time left to finish the journey.
Jesus, praise to you, i will see you soon.
When i wake up in the morning, really i am lucky
The length of my journey is shorter than yesterday's.
At night, i sleep in the hands of God,
Even then the wheel of my chariot moves forward.
Now it is not the time to seek bodily pleasure,
To see God's face in my own land, is my wish.

Nothing i need in the journey to increase the load;
Some bread for hunger, a little water if it thirsts.
Place, ha! how beautiful, fruit how tasty.
Nay, no, earth is not my home.
A perpetual house, i have in heaven.
The fruit of the tree of life, in God's Eden.
To receive me angels arrive
And give new strength to the journey.
I will praise God who gave the right
For the good men , on the Heavenly Light.
© jOnes
Translated from മലയാളം